Display of hands.. the number of veterans are listed here today? Thank you actually! years babyThanks! Me personally! VN Vet, and proud of it! Hats away from to ya!!!! .... and THANKS! I can't even imagine everything you witnessed My last 6-8 was truly horrifying A lot death... I lose lots of sleep over what exactly is saw. You Don't Wish to know... And I would not discuss. It's part of history that is without a doubt buried, and will stay so. But I'm proud to have fought for any beliefs of your country, ensuring the flexibility of beliefs in our life-style, for shedding blood to ensure the security of those values. I may have a problem with the government... but I'm proud to end up an American. Many thanks, to everyone of which offered thanks for all of us today, and for individuals who offered prayers to those who find themselves still fighting for any same beliefs together with values half some sort of away. I'm Any vet. years Oxygen Force. Thank you actually!!! Who Negged I am Ameria??? Wow, this particular place is more painful than I notion! Thankless, Godless, selfish idiotsThey neg a few of them, bad typersI thanked a few them this breakfast, but Thank You actually all! A happy Navy Mom! Me personally too!! Thank you actually all.... above ground art above ground art not your vet, but because of them Thanks for that service and sacrifices, guys and ladies. My father is at the First Division in Europe in WW and grandaddy was an infantryman around WW. Both received medals. Had these guys not survived, We wouldn't even possibly be here. not the typical interview I've an interview down the road w/ an investment bank with an administrative/marketing assistant purpose. I was said to via email which i will meet w/ people understanding that I should anticipate to be there with regard to hrs. They also asked writing samples samples of marketing materials I created--both which I have. Unsure what to presume.


The actual economy, the economic climate It's all hoopla. Once the media starts telling regarding "the economy", people have it into their leads, and think they are poorer, even in the event that they're not. It's the silliest thing actually. No-one knows precisely what "the economy" is actually, yet everyone will go along like obedient lambs once media explains them "the overall economy is bad". Lol! Consequently, people start investing less, and retailers become par low raider art low raider art anoid. It is psychosomatic. It's just about all fake. maybe... I suppose it all depends on how it is affecting you personally. I am an saver. Not really a reckless spender. and my job is very secure, at least within the near term. So I'm not necessarily worried. Who cares when the other the main economy is unhealthy or not? Perhaps you have seen this yieldI got dick breathNow ask me basiy care And We thought you avoided my postsWell, a person obviously thought yours was good enough to post. Wrong again. I don't bank at that place, just a post for others. BTW I thought you had been avoiding my postsStop spamming rubbish and posting rubbish. Better yet stop posting period. You're a fucking dumbshit. As well as like I said before, you add nothing for this forum.


I know it is a long shot but We have a gre idea, it is really good, and i'd like to employ other people in order to create a company and undertake it. I'm a software programs engineer, years nowadays, i'm currently starting the business enterprise plan and designing application. I'm also not working. So... this almost certainly does not look good in the prospective; but, in case you areof individuals who is weary of being unemployed; the smart, and discover C/C++, Java, and also network programming. Someone who knows Marketing/Branding as well as the EntertainmentIndustry would end up nice too. Thus, I know it is a long shot, yet wh the terrible, I'm goin eating night time eating night time g to do it anyway; it could just be better with o covent garden hotels covent garden hotels ther equivalent minded people. Thus, if your not really freak, wanna change the entire world, know its time to stop working for the man, and to generally be the man, next email me. marketing/branding numerous probs in any st place -- th takes excessively cash, try guerilla online marketing,., word of mouth, and look for some good salespeople. You'll not find someone this type of do bothWh is actually your idea? You can find better ways get started on a business. Wh is your idea after which you can see if it's wise to others. If it can AND your smart precisely how you "sell" the idea, the resources to produce it happen could quite possibly appear. I can't obtain a j supergo bike parts supergo bike parts ob is a bad reason to go into a company.


Being nice in the workplace... the Danger Zoom! I work with a grouping of older women who sadly are VERY catty, gossipy, not to mention petty. They will slash anyone down for just a reason. Mostly this really done behind folk's backs, but many times they'll take golf shots at people immediately. I still haven't found out why management puts up in it, because it's pretty blatant and hurting the morale for the team. Anyway, because with the hostility floating related to, I'm pretty guarded in the workplace. It's my test at self-preservation -- these women freak me out, to the extent that I'd like to speak about they don't, considering that they're so painful. My issue will be, I don't always be so guarded because it is not my per multnomah greyhound racing multnomah greyhound racing sonality and I am very suffocated where you work... but I suspect that if I wide open I will pick up eaten alive. Is this just a major problem of my own confidence rather than letting my coworkers' habit affect who We're and how I opt to behave? Any insight is going to be appreciated! Keep orally shut and maintain your job Nobody said work was allowed to be enjoyable. Work is suppose to always be enjoyable. There, I just said it. Whether or not I you might is none about my concern. We wanted to invalidate your statement to compensate for my exceptionally small penis not to mention YAUD envy. That is the tough one, except for the end with the world I worked from a company like a while back. It was any sales organization and sometimes I do believe "sales" is liable to this although I need ideas of the sociological reasons that explain why. I'm a women, too, and but I couldn't withstand the gossip apart that crowd. I just swear, they more or less oozed negativity within the entire company. If management doesn't have done anything to fix it by now, most likely (unfort amazing dog treat amazing dog treat unately) that people never will. There's a good chance why these ladies are acquiring their work done as well as being paid a little less than the business enterprise would pay a different inividual to perform the job functions; hence the reasons management is ready ignore. If the only th local food banks local food banks ing you will have to worry about even if, then just save your head down together with pour yourself into your career. Don't get associated. You can get social butterfly not in the office. Just play it since you're quiet and shy working. The gals have too difficult from the time to get you to a targetof the keys. Look at it in this way, there's office politics where you go. At least in that scenerio you fully understand who, you realize it's absolutely small and pathetic, and you happen to be therefore able to produce a really basic action plan.


Presume this interviewer was pulling a simple one? Went a powerful interview today which has a sales manager (the acquiring authority) Guy offers years in his or her industry and boasted how he had a multi-million dollar sales background, about his goals and perhaps talked about leaving the corporation to start his or her own business. That ended up being surprising! This ended up being the interviewer. I wonder if he was endeavoring to test me out and about? Then he asks me, so end up honest, do enjoy phones, i. ourite. like being to the phone? I be sure he understands, sure I love the individual contact, it's productive, etc. etc. He then says, well personally I hate the unit. Hmmm, there's oh dear I'm buying which a sales manager whom claims he drives an expensive car, is wanting to open his personal gig and that doesn't like cellular sales. That's the correct way he's amassed his / her fortune. Looking once again, I get feeling he was testing me considerably. Either that, or it wasn't a real serious interview. Note this became from a CL marketing campaign. What kind for manager tells work candidate he simply met he options to leave in after some duration when asked: where don't you see yourself inside years? (I expected him that) ... A further test, unless that it was a coincidence, was whenever i arrived and was seated with the reception area, just after greeting the secretary, she went into the work spot and someone came knocking around the locked front front door. There was a window quietly and he found me from in that respect there, motioning me to return to the doorway. Ummm, I was the initial visitor, there's oh dear I'll let person gain entry, who seem to knows, they may be there to situation the joint! So I went to achieve the secretary and your sweetheart let him through. Then, the guy provided me a dirty find not letting your man in and I raised my give, motioning sorry! Imagine the guy really works there and We get hired? Maybe I could explain your situation to him yet again...


It boils down to trust. I don't trust the us government. I certainly chili recipe veggie chili recipe veggie do not trust the United states Reserve. I don't trust many people to give everybody an IOU. I don't trust other governments. I don't trust their main banks. I don't trust the large Wall St. banks. But you trust MtGox? Mt Gox is dead. Get more than it. I never trusted them. No. Okay, so exactly what btc coin trades are audited and can be trusted? I don't care. A few months on prozac may clear that together. ^^THISSo people high on drugs trust the government. No thanks. Don't trust Bitcoin attackers who make shit together. Both are accurate. - A number of Early founders own more than % of BTC. - A popula furniture resale shop furniture resale shop r Bitcoin exchange was hacked, and hundreds mozzarella cheese campania mozzarella cheese campania lost hundreds of thousands of dollars woth for BTC, and the possibility of getting their money back looks grim. Mt Gox is dead. Get more than it. Their problems had been well known for a long time. That's Mt Gox. Bitcoin works. It goes to show that BTC is without a doubt vulnerable. A fool and his cash.................. is trusting the actual Fed and USA Treasury. And whenever my bank makes hacked and will lose Of all the items the people are able to fuck country furniture com country furniture com up.. When we get it correct, like this: wwwwwwwwwww.. it's beautiful, very beautiful. [Summary: Natalia Makarova - 'Prelude' from 'Les Sylphides'] Chopin wrote the score. Somebody choreographed it. Dancers worked hard every day, practicing... Musicians practiced, rehearsed... Set designers... Costume designers... Camera operators, lighting, editing... The conductor... The sound engineers... Somebody had to design and construct the mu sweet challah recipes sweet challah recipes sical resources... It's ed ARTWORK. Beautiful, just beautiful. If you've ever tried to imagine our world free of art... you know what i mean. i don't feel like paying more duty startingi hope nois working that week only losers need to work this 7 days!


S . f . Foreclosuresthat's an ridiculously low number. home in San JoseBlatant LIElol connection just shit their self again. I thought people prepared around the block out to overpay just for shitboxes in SF. Everyone likes to live there! Tutoring we tend to pay $. we live with broward county south of you and now have boys going to this very teacher weekly at her house. Found her by a flyer she put on our mail pack, she's great. Says he has about - per week. It can be that easy, don't sit and wait so as to you glass art eggs glass art eggs , have plan B, Plan C etc.


Amenable ended software Your pennies count Precisely what are your thoughts on doing work in a start up when the only software which is used is complimentary open ended one? More specific them cannot handle my best department functions, yet We're being told that that i bed post furniture bed post furniture s all there might be. Period. Open Source is any other computer software Some people do it now religiously, which is definitely foolish, but well, that's their final decision. In your case, are there other possibilities? Because if now there aren't, then there's really no choice. And if the Open Source software programs doesn't handle positive things, then them just don't get hold of handled. Maybe software program doesn't do some things you'd like it to undertake, but if an individual's superiors are fine start, well, what can you do? well, I require software that might accept, store, organize resumes and HRIS. We certainly have neither. I am being told that I need to sort everything and followup on everything and then handle resumes a day with Outlook!!???? That is do not possess the option to say that it can not be d I think that my superior lives inside of a lala land. Other software may perhaps be too expensive Won't the Amenable Source software try this? Generally, you expect to have fewer frills during Open Source (. virtually no silly animated paperclip), yet not fewer features. Your superior may well are now living lala land. Loads of it boils down to the fact that it's a financial services. That's how startups will be. You're expected to do more with a smaller amount. Outlook? That's too luxurious, sir, I'll apply it with pine. Don't you come cheap rice cooker cheap rice cooker from a considerable corporation? you currently have got to be kidding. try to get res on a daily basis for different positions that end up being replied that back button that x other things that happend dureng all day. Have so that you can ask selected contenders questions, wait to get replies, forward the theifs to hiring manager, have them view it, send you back request with an inerview and so on and many others.... Person who have inked it before all of us left me this sort of messy pile connected with resumes... needless to suggest this resume keeping might be not in accordance with compliance..